Sunday, March 9, 2014

Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 7:19 AM
     Hey everyone! This week has been awesome! I am in such a great mood right now. Its ridiculous! I am filled with the Spirit of Love! That sounds self righteous...sorry:)
     Anyways I have lots to say about this past week so I'll get going!
     Monday..I was in the biggest storm I've ever been in. It was like a hurricane in East London! Nevertheless we still played soccer! I stepped outside and I was drenched within seconds! I almost hurt myself sliding around in the mud but Heavenly Father Made sure I didn't screw up my knee! Haha just messing with you all!
     Tuesday was the normal day of the week. This week was not normal but it was very nice to get back in the area after a hectic weekend! It sucked walking though. My thighs are constantly sore!
     Wednesday...I will try and describe what happened on Wednesday. I was on Exchanges with Elder Steele again since Elder Olyabo was gone. Elder Cowley was with Ndima in my area and I was with Elder Steele. We taught 4 lessons and all 4 were by the Spirit and were just inspired. I learned a lot. We had some down time and we were both hungry so we went to the store to look for some food. We found a white guy there! That is rare. Anyways, we found decent sized cakes for R 25! That is $2.50 back home. We each bought our own and tried to eat it all by ourselves with our hands in the church parking lot. We only got halfway through! Then the gate shut on us and we didn't know the code and had no air time so we could not call anyone to let us out. Thankfully Elder Cowley called us and we explained the situation and he told us the code! After that we went to find a male so we could teach nomso, a golden investigator at 7 pm. It was 6:30 and our male was getting home at 7ish so we went on an adventure! We went down to the greenacre lake/river. It was a dirt road in the bush so like anything could've happned. We saw a couple of shack houses and Elder Steele drove us down there! We are pretty sure a weed farm was somewhere hidden not to far away cause it smelt like weed! The people there looked friendly and I took some hilarious videos on my iPod that I am working on sending you all. It was a very poor family of goat herders. So we took our pictures and videos then got out of there. On our way out a steer almost rammed the car on my side! I was scared out of my mind! Then we spun out of there. The smell of burnt rubber and weed filled the air. Oh it was just a fun day. It was spiritual and so fun. I'm certain that Heavenly Father had His hand in everything we did that day!
    Thursday was fun cause I went on exchanges with Elder Olyabo! He is way cool and he goes home in 3 days! 
     On Friday I turned 3 months old on mission! 21 more months to go. The Time is Far Spent! Gotta keep working hard. For my "click day" my trainer bought me a mcflurry at McDonalds! 
     Saturday was kinda scary. We played soccer and towards the end of the game I tweaked my right knee. It hurt and you know.. I've felt similar pain before when I tore my acl. It was difficult to walk all Saturday and Sunday morning. I fasted and prayed hard that God would please heal me so I could continue on with the work. I promised to not play sport for a month so I could make sure it is healed. By Sunday night, I was walking fine and felt no pain at all. God is a God of Miracles.
    On both Saturday and Sunday, we had 3 dinner appointments. I feel fat. I'm not getting fat but I ate a lot! 
     Tonight I find out who my new companion will be! I'm excited to get a new companion and learn from him and progress in the mission field! Excuse any grammar mistakes and stuff like that. I am in Africa and I'm pretty sure my English is slowly getting worse!
    I love you all and thanks for all the support!
Elder Prisbrey

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