Saturday, November 30, 2013

From Sister Janet Reber, Wife of Johannesburg MTC Mission President (my husband is a Reber from Mesquite.  It is so fun to have someone from Logandale).

"The missionaries have companions":

Elder Prisbrey and Elder Cummings

We asked Sister Reber a few questions, one regarding Austin's "forgotten" knee brace; this was her reply after speaking with Austin:

              I asked about the knee brace and he said "I'll be fine".
              He is so well adjusted!  It makes our job so much easier.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The 39 Hour Trip To The MTC In Johannesburg

Hello !!
I am just writing to you to let you know that your son has arrived safely in London. I had the privilege to sit next to him from Dallas all the way to London (: He is a great boy!! He is going to be an awesome missionary. Congratulations!! And don't worry too much Mum 2 years goes by faster than you think!!
I wish you all the best!!

Much love,

Courtney Judd

Hey Everyone! 

In the emails from the MTC there wont be any paragraphs so apologies in advance.  I arrived here in Johannesburg about 2 hours ago. About 25 missionaries were picked up from the airport and people drive on the left side! Its super weird. The MTC food is good, cornmeal tasted soooo good after airplane food. Those plane rides are excellent motivation to not go home for a while! haha joke. My MTC companion is Elder Cummings I think. He is 24, from London, and about 6'3' tall. Big dude. He is really cool, though. I met up with 4 other missionaries in Salt Lake and then another in Dallas. And then like 15 more missionaries were in London that met up with us. Meeting other missionaries is like having "instant friends." I asked Cam Stratton when their 
P-day is (which I believe is Mondays) so I'll let you know when I get that info. MTC life is good so far. The President is from Mesquite and knows a lot of people from the valley so that's really cool. They just tell you what to do and you do it! There are tight living quarters which remind me of EFY and BYUI and I'm pretty sure I smell so bad right now. I haven't had a chance to shower yet or even unpack! Tight schedule, I suppose. My accent is coming along already! All of us new missionaries try and talk with a South African accent which is similar to a British accent. I will come home with an accent! Promise. I had an opportunity to call home in London but I figured since I'm calling home on Christmas that Mom and Dad would survive. I doubted that Mom would even answer her new phone anyway :) The weather is super nice! I'm excited to wear short sleeve shirts cause a suit coat makes things real warm. I only got homesick just a tiny bit when the plane landed in Johanessburg but it passed quickly which was nice. Hope everything is going well back home! I believe I will be emailing you all again on Monday so until then! 

Love you! 

Mission Farewell - November 24, 2013

Logandale, Nevada
November 24, 2013