Monday, December 23, 2013

Love you all! Thanks for everything and do missionary work! Please! 
Email of 12.23.2013
Hello everyone!
     So I am doing well here in MD. I start my 3rd week today in mission today! Time is already flying. This last week was good! Last Tuesday was Zone Conference and we watched "Ephraim's Rescue" which I highly recommend. I also saw Bro. and Sis. Wheeler at Zone Conference! That was nice, and we talked for a good 30 min! I lost my voice last Monday and just regained it on Saturday! I have had a cough for a week now and it is slowly receding. Mom, you will be happy to hear that I am using the essential oils you sent with me! They help tremendously.
     On Saturday, our boarding did some service. We painted this less active ladies wall. Not the house wall but just a wall. We painted it pink according to her command! We didn't do to shabby either! Missionaries are Jacks of all trades. And even though the paint quality sucked, we made it look nice.
     I am picking up some Xhosa which is a dream come true! I can have a simple conversation but after that I am done for! All the little black kids call me "malungu" which means white person! haha its hilariouse but I reply, "enyama" which means black person! Then they get this confused look on their face and I give them a thumbs up and continue walking! Funny stuff.
     Elder Cowley and I have lots of work to do. We have 3 father lead families that are investigators. The Silotile family, the Moya family, and the Bobo Family.  They are all amazing people. The Bobo family wants to be baptized already! They have been taught before we came to them but I guess we were the right missionaries for them! The Lord truly prepares people for us Missionaries. It is incredible.
     It is super hot down here in MD and I want snow! Ha but I got burnt to a crisp painting that ladies wall. My arms looked like a lobster! The oils once again helped out tons.
    Love you all! Thanks for everything and do missionary work! Please!
Elder Prisbrey

Saturday, December 21, 2013

From Paul and Kathy Wheeler, serving in the South Africa Cape Town Mission.
December 16, 2013
Zone Conference

       Sister Kathy Wheeler, Elder Prisbrey and President Paul Wheeler

"We had the best time visiting with Elder Austin Prisbrey
 at Zone Conference. He is from our home ward (L5)."

Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello everyone!
     So last Tuesday morning at 9:40 AM, I with 3 other missionaries from the Jo-Berg MTC left for Cape Town, where the mission home is located.  We got to the mission home and immediately went sight seeing! We saw Table Mountain and its peaks and learned some history about the area. I also saw Green Point Stadium, I think that is what it is called. That is where the World Cup (Soccer) was held a couple years ago. HUGE stadium though. That night I went in a threesome with Elder Barney and Elder Hixson. They are the assistants to the AP's and they showed me their area and some cool places. We had a fellowshipper with us (member, like going on splits) and they took us to a real ghetto area in their area with houses made out of tin. So it was all shacks. They had been here before and proselyted and I wasn't even scared! The fellowshipper was scared and he is South African! Haha very cool/funny first experience as a missionary. The next day I met my trainer Elder Cowley from Utah. And I also saw Elder Stratton which was awesome! When I saw him I called him, "Cam" just cause that is what I am used too! This is all so weird now!
     So my first area of my mission is the Mdantsane 3rd ward. You pronounce Mdantsane like dawnt-sawn-e. Horrible explanation but its a totally different culture here! Our area is full of coconuts, or rich blacks. Which is good cause its not as ghetto but that means the rich people have money to get drunk every day of the week it seems like! And the holiday season isn't helping either. But the drunks aren't aggressive which is nice.
     Our boarding, (flat or apartment) is in Cambridge by East London.  We aren't allowed to live in the area cause of the potential danger factor. Another big detail which isn't the greatest detail. My first area is a WALKING area!! And Mdantsane (MD) is a hilly township. The weather is humid and hot right now and I sweat all the time! Looks like I won't gain any weight in these first 3 months!! By the way that's how long I am here, 2 transfers. Transfers are 6 weeks long. On Christmas day I turn 1 month Old on the mission! In the Mission Home I found out I get home November 25, 2015. Which seems like a long ways away but I will not think about that now! My mailing address is the same I believe but here it is just in case.
Elder Prisbrey
South Africa Cape Town Mission
P.O. Box 181
Cape Town
South Africa

I almost wasn't able to email today which made me super sad! I guess its some public holiday today and all the email shops were closed! But we luckily found one and it made my day! I'll send some pictures today but not in this email. Patience is a virtue! 
I have been having so many deja vu's on my mission. Super weird and a lot of the missionaries that are in my zone, I feel like I have seen them before and they look so familiar! Weird but cool. Anyways my hands are spent and I still have to write President Wood!
Thank you for all your prayers and I miss you all! Say hello to anyone and everyone please! 
Elder Prisbrey

Elder Stratton (from Austin's home ward), unk Elder and Elder Prisbrey


Saturday, December 14, 2013

From: President and Sister Wood

Tuesday Elder Prisbrey arrived in SACTM (South Africa Cape Town Mission) with others of his MTC group.  The Elders received orientation to the mission all day Tuesday, and did missionary work with Elders from Cape Town area that night.  They spent the night at the mission home, and were assigned to their areas and trainers Wednesday morning.  Elder Prisbrey's trainer is Elder Cowley from Bluffdale, Utah.  We will allow him the opportunity to tell you all about his first week in the field, and his first area when he writes on Monday, his P-day.  Due to the great difference in time, you may want to write him on Sunday, so he will receive your emails on time.

Pictures were taken at Signal Hill (overlooking Table Mountain), and at the mission home.  We included several takes, so you may choose which you like best.  The group on the mission home lawn includes December transfer trainers and trainees. Trainers are on the top row.

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to him play the grand piano at the mission home.  We love piano players in this mission!

                                   Elder Austin J. Prisbrey in Cape Town, South Africa

President and Sister Wood with Elders (Elder Prisbrey front, 2nd from right)

                                     Elder Cowley from Bluffdale, UT and Elder Prisbrey

Elder Prisbrey (front row, second from left)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC


"The MTC is empty.  There is no more laughter in the halls.  The missionaries left this morning for their missions.  They were excited and ready to get out into the field.  I will most likely know their trainers. 

These are the final photos I'm sending to you.  It is the group photo that will hang on the wall of the MTC....and also a Preach My Gospel photo with them holding up their training manual.

Thank you to those who send me kind notes and helped me feel that it was worth the effort to email you."

Austin J Prisbrey (2nd row from front, 1st on right)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"This morning the missionaries at the MTC gave 30 minutes of service.  Each missionary had an assignment with their companion. They work hard, then get cleaned up and start their training and classes.  It is a nice change of pace for them.  I also included the photo of the Elders who helped wash dishes after we returned home from the Temple.
Aren't they great!!!"

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC


Last night we celebrated Elder Johnson and Elder Cummings birthday.
They were sung to in Shona, Zula, Beba, French and English.  It was really neat.
Both admitted they had never had such a party.

The missionaries continue to progress!  Tonight we have people from the community come to the MTC so they can teach them.  It should be a great experience.

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"Each missionary at the MTC is in the MTC choir.  Today they performed "Angels we have heard on high" to three different wards.
Elder Autry and Elder Mukonda took turns leading.  I accompanied on the piano.  They were fabulous!

Yesterday we had a great opportunity.  I invited the Christian Fellowship Group (of which I am a member) to a Christmas lunch at the MTC in our apartment.  I am the first Latter-day Saint to be on their committee and they have been pretty nervous about me.  It is a miracle that they agreed to come to the MTC.  Although the 5 different churches they belong to are in the neighborhood, they didn't know where our church was.  So yesterday we had a chance to bring the Church "out of obscurity".

After we ate in our apartment, we led them into where the missionaries were in class.  Then the missionaries performed for them.  The guests were amazed and just loved it.  We sang two more songs and they joined in.  The Spirit was strong and they could feel it.  This was a remarkable event to dispel bad feelings about the Church.  President Reber fielded questions for an hour after the singing.  The missionaries were a big part of this wonderful event."

A BONUS EMAIL from Elder Austin J. Prisbrey

Hello again!
The weather isn't usually all weird and what not but I like it a lot! The food is great and I'm not picky any more which is great! There are 4 elders now going to Cape Town and they are all really cool!

We are in class for like 10 hours a day and we get one hour of sport every day except Sunday. I have been playing a lot of soccer and all the Africans say I am really good! Which I consider high praise coming from them. On Tuesday, everyone was able to go to the Johannesburg temple which was an amazing experience! It is a small temple and holds like 24 people in a session, but nonetheless beautiful! I bought a zebra skin scripture case and gave my old scripture case to Elder Dlamini, a Prince of Swaziland! He is way cool and tells me of the African culture and teaches me a bunch!

The currency differences are like 10 to 1. So like 10 Rands is equal to 1 American dollar which is great! I feel rich but will be frugal:) Elder Milne who is in my dorm is going to Cape Town and he looks exactly like Corey Arb! But a bit slimmer, haha.  He is a rugby player and is like my new best friend along with his companion Elder Stomps from the Netherlands! We are like the three musketeers! Everything is going excellent here. except for the fact that this passed week has felt like an eternity!! Hopefully time passes faster when I'm in the field, which I'm sure it will cause I will lose my life and then find it again when I get home:) I am South African Now and will be until I get home. Well I'll still be South African when I get home but I'll be a mixed breed. I want to just engulf myself in this culture! It is so amazing and the African people are amazing. Until a week from Monday

 Love -Elder Prisbrey

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Excerpts of Austin's Emails dated 12.05.2013
edited somewhat by MOM!

Hey Pops!
Yeah it was really hard to say goodbye at the airport but thankfully I held it in. So it was a girl from England that sent you that picture. The guy next to me is an elder from Idaho, Elder Worton. HA HA HA about the food joke:) My companion is a goofy uncoordinated, proper Englishman from Birmingham, England. Me and him are improving our teaching methods and I'm learning to teach with his strengths. President Reber is from Mesquite so I kind of know him! Everything is going well and I can't wait to get out of here and start my mission in South Africa! I have made some very good friends while here and I'll miss them! We all became best friends within a day and its awesome!
Love -Elder Prisbrey

Hey Mom!
Don't worry I am being very careful with my knee especially when I am playing football (soccer to you Americans). I am glad that I can be inspiring to you all! That makes me happy:) I get along with President and Sister Reber very well. President is from Mesquite so me and him hit it off very well!
Love You and thanks for the prayers and advice! Love -Elder Prisbrey

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"We attended the Johannesburg Temple.  Nine of the missionaries received their endowments.  It was a glorious day and a good experience for everyone.  If the missionaries look is because they are!"

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (back row 6th from the right) 

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (8th from left)

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (2nd from left)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"The African missionaries taught the "foreigners" to eat the staple food in Africa.  In South Africa it is called "Pap".  It is a ground grain and is eaten with the fingers.  We had a great time with this cultural event.  I hope the photos show the meal time at the MTC as well as eating pap."


"On Monday I checked all of the missionary's rooms.  They all passed room check and the reward was a delicious South African candy bar.  I think you will easily see that they were pretty happy about it.

For those of you who never saw a clean room when they lived at home....this is a real miracle."

Yes, the Prisbrey Family consider Austin's clean room a "real miracle"! ha ha


Sunday, December 1, 2013

From Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"We had a huge hail storm here at the MTC.  It flooded the rain came after the hail stopped.  Water came in under the front door of the MTC.  Many of the African missionaries had never seen hail before and they loved it.  The excitement was amazing.  Sorry if your missionary isn't in the photo...I was busy moping up water."

Elder Austin J. Prisbrey (in back).

"...had never seen hail before and they loved it."

Saturday, November 30, 2013

From Sister Janet Reber, Wife of Johannesburg MTC Mission President (my husband is a Reber from Mesquite.  It is so fun to have someone from Logandale).

"The missionaries have companions":

Elder Prisbrey and Elder Cummings

We asked Sister Reber a few questions, one regarding Austin's "forgotten" knee brace; this was her reply after speaking with Austin:

              I asked about the knee brace and he said "I'll be fine".
              He is so well adjusted!  It makes our job so much easier.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The 39 Hour Trip To The MTC In Johannesburg

Hello !!
I am just writing to you to let you know that your son has arrived safely in London. I had the privilege to sit next to him from Dallas all the way to London (: He is a great boy!! He is going to be an awesome missionary. Congratulations!! And don't worry too much Mum 2 years goes by faster than you think!!
I wish you all the best!!

Much love,

Courtney Judd

Hey Everyone! 

In the emails from the MTC there wont be any paragraphs so apologies in advance.  I arrived here in Johannesburg about 2 hours ago. About 25 missionaries were picked up from the airport and people drive on the left side! Its super weird. The MTC food is good, cornmeal tasted soooo good after airplane food. Those plane rides are excellent motivation to not go home for a while! haha joke. My MTC companion is Elder Cummings I think. He is 24, from London, and about 6'3' tall. Big dude. He is really cool, though. I met up with 4 other missionaries in Salt Lake and then another in Dallas. And then like 15 more missionaries were in London that met up with us. Meeting other missionaries is like having "instant friends." I asked Cam Stratton when their 
P-day is (which I believe is Mondays) so I'll let you know when I get that info. MTC life is good so far. The President is from Mesquite and knows a lot of people from the valley so that's really cool. They just tell you what to do and you do it! There are tight living quarters which remind me of EFY and BYUI and I'm pretty sure I smell so bad right now. I haven't had a chance to shower yet or even unpack! Tight schedule, I suppose. My accent is coming along already! All of us new missionaries try and talk with a South African accent which is similar to a British accent. I will come home with an accent! Promise. I had an opportunity to call home in London but I figured since I'm calling home on Christmas that Mom and Dad would survive. I doubted that Mom would even answer her new phone anyway :) The weather is super nice! I'm excited to wear short sleeve shirts cause a suit coat makes things real warm. I only got homesick just a tiny bit when the plane landed in Johanessburg but it passed quickly which was nice. Hope everything is going well back home! I believe I will be emailing you all again on Monday so until then! 

Love you! 

Mission Farewell - November 24, 2013

Logandale, Nevada
November 24, 2013