Sunday, March 23, 2014

17th March 2014

Hey Everyone!
    You won't believe what happened today! But I'll get into that later! So NU 17 is just the best area ever! Elder Sombke is down to work hard and smart. We are really doing good. We completed half of our goal for teaching lessons with a member present in just one day! That was Tuesday. Things are looking good for this transfer.
     I have to tell you guys about Sister Lulama Sicam. She is just a golden investigator! She understands so much and comprehends everything we teach her and every scripture she reads. She marks her scriptures and writes down questions when she doesn't grasp a principle. We were meant to teach her! Hopefully everything continues as well as it has been going. Her only issue is getting her to church. She has the desire, but so many things have come up. Her mom has cancer and just tons of stuff have stopped her from coming. We are working on that and she is praying to get to church. We teach her every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:00 PM. She is very committed and like I said...just golden:)
     So today we had a Zone Activity.


We went to a Game Park! I actually got to see some African animals! Elder Steele and I are working on going to another place where we can ride the Elephants!

I love you all:)
Elder Prisbrey 


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