Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"Each missionary at the MTC is in the MTC choir.  Today they performed "Angels we have heard on high" to three different wards.
Elder Autry and Elder Mukonda took turns leading.  I accompanied on the piano.  They were fabulous!

Yesterday we had a great opportunity.  I invited the Christian Fellowship Group (of which I am a member) to a Christmas lunch at the MTC in our apartment.  I am the first Latter-day Saint to be on their committee and they have been pretty nervous about me.  It is a miracle that they agreed to come to the MTC.  Although the 5 different churches they belong to are in the neighborhood, they didn't know where our church was.  So yesterday we had a chance to bring the Church "out of obscurity".

After we ate in our apartment, we led them into where the missionaries were in class.  Then the missionaries performed for them.  The guests were amazed and just loved it.  We sang two more songs and they joined in.  The Spirit was strong and they could feel it.  This was a remarkable event to dispel bad feelings about the Church.  President Reber fielded questions for an hour after the singing.  The missionaries were a big part of this wonderful event."

A BONUS EMAIL from Elder Austin J. Prisbrey

Hello again!
The weather isn't usually all weird and what not but I like it a lot! The food is great and I'm not picky any more which is great! There are 4 elders now going to Cape Town and they are all really cool!

We are in class for like 10 hours a day and we get one hour of sport every day except Sunday. I have been playing a lot of soccer and all the Africans say I am really good! Which I consider high praise coming from them. On Tuesday, everyone was able to go to the Johannesburg temple which was an amazing experience! It is a small temple and holds like 24 people in a session, but nonetheless beautiful! I bought a zebra skin scripture case and gave my old scripture case to Elder Dlamini, a Prince of Swaziland! He is way cool and tells me of the African culture and teaches me a bunch!

The currency differences are like 10 to 1. So like 10 Rands is equal to 1 American dollar which is great! I feel rich but will be frugal:) Elder Milne who is in my dorm is going to Cape Town and he looks exactly like Corey Arb! But a bit slimmer, haha.  He is a rugby player and is like my new best friend along with his companion Elder Stomps from the Netherlands! We are like the three musketeers! Everything is going excellent here. except for the fact that this passed week has felt like an eternity!! Hopefully time passes faster when I'm in the field, which I'm sure it will cause I will lose my life and then find it again when I get home:) I am South African Now and will be until I get home. Well I'll still be South African when I get home but I'll be a mixed breed. I want to just engulf myself in this culture! It is so amazing and the African people are amazing. Until a week from Monday

 Love -Elder Prisbrey

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