Monday, December 23, 2013

Love you all! Thanks for everything and do missionary work! Please! 
Email of 12.23.2013
Hello everyone!
     So I am doing well here in MD. I start my 3rd week today in mission today! Time is already flying. This last week was good! Last Tuesday was Zone Conference and we watched "Ephraim's Rescue" which I highly recommend. I also saw Bro. and Sis. Wheeler at Zone Conference! That was nice, and we talked for a good 30 min! I lost my voice last Monday and just regained it on Saturday! I have had a cough for a week now and it is slowly receding. Mom, you will be happy to hear that I am using the essential oils you sent with me! They help tremendously.
     On Saturday, our boarding did some service. We painted this less active ladies wall. Not the house wall but just a wall. We painted it pink according to her command! We didn't do to shabby either! Missionaries are Jacks of all trades. And even though the paint quality sucked, we made it look nice.
     I am picking up some Xhosa which is a dream come true! I can have a simple conversation but after that I am done for! All the little black kids call me "malungu" which means white person! haha its hilariouse but I reply, "enyama" which means black person! Then they get this confused look on their face and I give them a thumbs up and continue walking! Funny stuff.
     Elder Cowley and I have lots of work to do. We have 3 father lead families that are investigators. The Silotile family, the Moya family, and the Bobo Family.  They are all amazing people. The Bobo family wants to be baptized already! They have been taught before we came to them but I guess we were the right missionaries for them! The Lord truly prepares people for us Missionaries. It is incredible.
     It is super hot down here in MD and I want snow! Ha but I got burnt to a crisp painting that ladies wall. My arms looked like a lobster! The oils once again helped out tons.
    Love you all! Thanks for everything and do missionary work! Please!
Elder Prisbrey

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