Thursday, December 5, 2013

Excerpts of Austin's Emails dated 12.05.2013
edited somewhat by MOM!

Hey Pops!
Yeah it was really hard to say goodbye at the airport but thankfully I held it in. So it was a girl from England that sent you that picture. The guy next to me is an elder from Idaho, Elder Worton. HA HA HA about the food joke:) My companion is a goofy uncoordinated, proper Englishman from Birmingham, England. Me and him are improving our teaching methods and I'm learning to teach with his strengths. President Reber is from Mesquite so I kind of know him! Everything is going well and I can't wait to get out of here and start my mission in South Africa! I have made some very good friends while here and I'll miss them! We all became best friends within a day and its awesome!
Love -Elder Prisbrey

Hey Mom!
Don't worry I am being very careful with my knee especially when I am playing football (soccer to you Americans). I am glad that I can be inspiring to you all! That makes me happy:) I get along with President and Sister Reber very well. President is from Mesquite so me and him hit it off very well!
Love You and thanks for the prayers and advice! Love -Elder Prisbrey

Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC

"We attended the Johannesburg Temple.  Nine of the missionaries received their endowments.  It was a glorious day and a good experience for everyone.  If the missionaries look is because they are!"

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (back row 6th from the right) 

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (8th from left)

Elder Austin J Prisbrey (2nd from left)

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