Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello everyone!
     So last Tuesday morning at 9:40 AM, I with 3 other missionaries from the Jo-Berg MTC left for Cape Town, where the mission home is located.  We got to the mission home and immediately went sight seeing! We saw Table Mountain and its peaks and learned some history about the area. I also saw Green Point Stadium, I think that is what it is called. That is where the World Cup (Soccer) was held a couple years ago. HUGE stadium though. That night I went in a threesome with Elder Barney and Elder Hixson. They are the assistants to the AP's and they showed me their area and some cool places. We had a fellowshipper with us (member, like going on splits) and they took us to a real ghetto area in their area with houses made out of tin. So it was all shacks. They had been here before and proselyted and I wasn't even scared! The fellowshipper was scared and he is South African! Haha very cool/funny first experience as a missionary. The next day I met my trainer Elder Cowley from Utah. And I also saw Elder Stratton which was awesome! When I saw him I called him, "Cam" just cause that is what I am used too! This is all so weird now!
     So my first area of my mission is the Mdantsane 3rd ward. You pronounce Mdantsane like dawnt-sawn-e. Horrible explanation but its a totally different culture here! Our area is full of coconuts, or rich blacks. Which is good cause its not as ghetto but that means the rich people have money to get drunk every day of the week it seems like! And the holiday season isn't helping either. But the drunks aren't aggressive which is nice.
     Our boarding, (flat or apartment) is in Cambridge by East London.  We aren't allowed to live in the area cause of the potential danger factor. Another big detail which isn't the greatest detail. My first area is a WALKING area!! And Mdantsane (MD) is a hilly township. The weather is humid and hot right now and I sweat all the time! Looks like I won't gain any weight in these first 3 months!! By the way that's how long I am here, 2 transfers. Transfers are 6 weeks long. On Christmas day I turn 1 month Old on the mission! In the Mission Home I found out I get home November 25, 2015. Which seems like a long ways away but I will not think about that now! My mailing address is the same I believe but here it is just in case.
Elder Prisbrey
South Africa Cape Town Mission
P.O. Box 181
Cape Town
South Africa

I almost wasn't able to email today which made me super sad! I guess its some public holiday today and all the email shops were closed! But we luckily found one and it made my day! I'll send some pictures today but not in this email. Patience is a virtue! 
I have been having so many deja vu's on my mission. Super weird and a lot of the missionaries that are in my zone, I feel like I have seen them before and they look so familiar! Weird but cool. Anyways my hands are spent and I still have to write President Wood!
Thank you for all your prayers and I miss you all! Say hello to anyone and everyone please! 
Elder Prisbrey

Elder Stratton (from Austin's home ward), unk Elder and Elder Prisbrey


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