Monday, February 17, 2014

     First of all, sometimes I forget my last name is Prisbrey. Everyone calls me elder Prizberry! So sometimes when I introduce myself I say prizberry. Bad habit! But no one here can pronounce Prisbrey. Oh well.
     I am glad you like sushi!  I found a sushi bar here in East London that is cheap on Thursday nights. I have to try it out before I leave here!
    That's good that you will be able to see Kristen! I'm sure you said hi for me already.
    I have slowed down on the memorizing of The Living Christ but I have still retained what I have memorized so that is good. My favorite scripture of the week comes from the Book of Mormon! It is Alma 31:5 & 38. Those are great scriptures! 
     The missionary work is going well! We did have our baptisms yesterday! They were amazing and even though I didn't get in the water to baptize anyone, it was still very fulfilling to see Anelisa  and Linda enter the waters of baptism. Those are the 2 girls from my area. 2 other girls from the other missionaries area were baptized also so that was 4 for the day! In 2 weeks we will be having baptisms as well. Hopefully our investigator that we are planning to be baptized beginning of March stay strong!
     I hear from my fellow missionaries all the time! Skyler is doing well. Sean is training some big islander haha. Cody Johnson is doing well in the Philippines. Jackson loves peru! Oh Landon got called to Argentina! That is exciting! He sent me the video of him opening his call. I just watched and it was so amazing!
Elder Austin Prisbrey 

Hey Pops!
     Anyways. P-days are awesome! I look forward to each Monday cause that means I get to hear from my family and friends! Today we went bowling after studies, just one game. I didn't have to pay for it because 2 or 3 weeks ago, I bowled the best and set the high score for the day. I bowled a 125, which is my highest score ever in my life! Today I bowled 80, or maybe even less. I started bowling with my left hand on the 7th frame and was doing pretty good, got 2 spares which saved my score from being disastrous. We then went and ate Romans Pizza which is to die for! And now we are emailing! After this we head to the Stake Center in Amalinda which is like 5 min from our flat. We play soccer there for 1 to 3 hours. Some people play volleyball and sometimes even rugby! I absolutely love rugby and sometimes I forget we are just playing "touch" and I try and run through people or break down to tackle someone. Thankfully I haven't actually hit anyone cause I remember at the last second. After sport today, we have a FHE at a members house. Her name is Xoliswa and there will be us four missionaries, a ward missionary and our fellowshipper Ndima. After that..sleep. Sleep is precious.
     I found a Xhosa Book of Mormon Yesterday and soon I will start trying to read it. Ndima is  helping me learn Xhosa by giving me phrases to learn and use each day we see eachother. The Xhosa language is so cool and unique. It is only spoken here in the Eastern Cape (which is a province) in South Africa. Hopefully I get to stay in the Eastern Cape for most of my mission, that is where the xhosa people are. Whites and Coloreds live in Western Cape, like in Cape Town.
    [Xhosa is prounced like... the X is like if you are riding a horse and you click on the side of your mouth to make it go faster. so its the "X" click then just how it is written. Xhosa.]
      Love you dad. Stay safe and say hi to everyone for me.

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